"I got to ski in several of the most spectacular ski regions of Switzerland - if not the World (Saas Fee, Gstaad and Zermatt).”

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Ski Academy Europe, Switzerland and Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I work with a BASI and PSIA qualification?

The qualifications that we offer able you to work in many places in Europe, USA, Canada and many other destinations. We have many contacts within the ski school industry and offer guaranteed work on our Autumn and Winter ski instructor courses regardless of qualification. Learn about ski qualifications and which countries you can work in at http://ski-instructor-courses.com.

2. How much can I expect to earn as a snowsports instructor?

This very much depends on the ski school, qualification and where you are applying to. The salary can vary from £9 to £35 per hour in Europe to £6 to £25 per hour overseas. Ski schools in Europe are vastly different from those overseas (the States for example) where ski instructors rely on tips.

3. What level do I need to be to enrol onto a SAS course?

Students must be able to ski red runs comfortably and with confidence on any of our ski instructor programmes.

4. How fit do I need to be?

Obviously the fitter you are the more you will get out of the course. Again there is no set level we ask, but the ability to ski the whole day is essential.

5. Are there any 'hidden' extras?

No. Everything that we have published in the brochure and the website we will provide for.

6. How much spending money will I need to take?

This depends on how much you like going out! We recommend a minimum of £100 per week for lunch and après ski.

7. Do I need to buy my own equipment?

Yes. It is not a viable or affordable option to rent equipment for such a long period. We have an excellent relationship with the local ski shop and they give all students a very good discount and the coaches will be on hand to recommend specific equipment.

8. Are there any age limitations for the course?

Yes, 17 years and above.

9. What kind of insurance is needed for a SAS course?

Please contact the office for more details.

10. Do we have any free time to ski without training?

Of course! We realise students are not just here for the ski training much to the coaches disappointment! You will have 2 ½ days per week to relax and unwind and on the winter premier course 1 week of free time is offered.

11. What nationalities have participated on SAS courses?

Even though we are a British company, we warmly welcome other nationalities on the courses and we have had students from:

UK, Ireland, USA, Denmark, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, India, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Czech Republic, Bosnia Hungary, Holland and Russia.